Is Amazon AWS Desktop as a Service (VDI) ready for prime time?

Virtualized Geek

cloudmanagerSo, I’ve ignored Amazon’s VDI offering for a few blogging cycles.  It’s clear that Amazon is offering their VDI service as a way to get their foot in the door of the enterprise.  If you think about it Amazon has little choice but to add a VDI solution to their current offering if they want to have a shot at outsourcing the enterprise datacenter.  One of the primary rules of end user services is to place the services as close to the user as possible.

VDI has been a way to keep the services as close to the end user by moving the desktops to the datacenter.  If you want to move your services to AWS where’s the best place for your VDI?  Amazon has provided this capability with their DaaS solution.  The question, is it ready for use as a primary enterprise solution?

Gartner did a great FAQ Q&A…

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