Getting Rails 4 to work with Amazon AWS/Rubber Gem

A Fork In The Code

I recently undertook a brand new project and decided to “start fresh” with all new tools and a new and more modern way to deploy the new app.

All of my past projects (starting way back in Rails 1 – before Rails was “cool”), have been hosted the “old way”, using a VPS server at a very friendly and competent hosting provider called “Rimu“.  I had very good experience with that company and still recommend them highly if you need that kind of “custom” hosting.

These days though, hosting on a VPS is very “old school”.  Today, if you’re not “in the cloud”, you’re nowhere…so, who am I to argue?  I decided this new project would be hosted on Amazon’s broad array of cloud infrastructure and I set out to find the “easiest” way to make that happen.

While the broad array of services and configuration available on…

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