Running Oracle Express Edition (XE) database on Windows 64-bits

Ronald's Oracle

Today I wanted to download Oracle XE to install it on my Windows 7 64-bits desktop. But when I got to the download-page, I discovered that there is no XE-installer for 64-bit. Entries on the Oracle Community suggested that the 32-bit installer will give errors when trying to install on x64. However, there seems to be a workaround, take a look at this blog.

Haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, I’ll keep you posted!

Update: I got my installation of XE working on Windows 7 64-bit without a problem. On the blog, a comment mentions that instead of typing the whiole path, it is easier to open an explorer window, navigate to the location and copy it from the address bar. You can then post it in the registry editor, no trailing slash required. Top tip!

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