Sending Drupal Mail From Your GoDaddy Server

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I have an account on This site allows its user to install products such as Drupal. Drupal is a 3rd-party PHP framework that can be installed automatically by web hosting sites. Sites built with Drupal can have registered users, and when a users signs up, they get confirmation e-mails. But the site does not send out e-mails yet. It should be configured1 specifying the e-mail address at ‘Home » Administration » Configuration » System’ is NOT enough. The PHP function ‘mail’ works properly, but if you try to find where drupal uses that function, it does not. Drupal invokes the system shell command ‘sendmail’ instead.

Searching what else I should do I found, that there is a module named SMTP, that can be downloaded from here.

Time to configure the SMTP module. I try to find the value for the field ‘SMTP Server’, but the value found in…

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