Basic data binding in Swing with Netbeans

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Performing data binding in Swing is pain in the ass. Some time ago I lost couple of hours to make it eventually working. Let’s take a closer look what you need to do to bind your data to view. Not any database just POJO with some field. Maybe there is a better way? I know Java FX offers some cool features on that area but I haven’t tested it yet. Ok, here we go:


  • No external libraries – just plain Swing.
  • Netbeans 7.4 IDE.
  • Simplicity.


  • Model class is extremally simple:
  • Two Swing forms: MainView (with a TextField) & SubForm View (with a Label):
  • The entry point where views and dummy data are created.
  • The whole project strucutre:

Data binding project structure


What I want to achieve is to bind instance of the Person class to the textField on the MainView and to the label on the SubForm. One common…

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