Single SignOn, OpenID, Federated Identity, Usercodes/passwords and other forms of credential based identity considered unnecessary

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Single Signon,  OpenID,  Federated Identity, Usercodes/passwords are all forms of credential based identification. Credential based identification is built around the idea of creating a representation of a person that is stored as a credential.  A person can prove who they are by accessing and delivering this credential to a relying party. This form of identification will not disappear overnight, but it is likely to be replaced with identification based on a person’s presence and a record of past behaviour. This means there is no need to have Identity Providers because the person provides their own identity by visiting websites. It also means that a person can give themselves a different persona when they identify themselves to a device.

Using  a person’s presence to announce their identity combined with context based identification derived from past behaviour, creates a system with silos of information that will increase security and help maintain a…

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