What if you could use delegates & OU’s in Windows Azure Active Directory?

Office 365 Tip of the Day

Windows Azure Active Directory (a.k.a. WAAD) – the identity system behind Office 365, Windows Intune, … and a lot of other systems, since WAAD can be used in all kinds of websites, web applications, … – is not really an Active Directory (a.k.a. AD) as we know it. There are a lot of features that AD has that we don’t find in WAAD, e.g. the use of Organizational Units (a.k.a. OU), the use of Group Policies Objects (a.k.a. GPO), … So in these case the name WAAD can be misleading to the people who know the functionalities of AD. One of functionalities I miss a lot delegates combined with OUs.

Office 365 management

When using Office 365 in large enterprises or edu-facilities the management isn´t trivial.
Office 365 offers a role based administration within the web portal. That´s easy but does not provide tuning for example for branch offices, departements…

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