Sass : A simplified way to write CSS – Part 3

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This is the third post in series on SASS. In my first post, I briefly discussed about SASS and Variables. In my second post I discussed about operators and some important inbuilt functions. Links of earlier posts are

Sass : A simplified way to write CSS – Part 1

Sass : A simplified way to write CSS – Part 2

In my today’s post, We’ll discuss nesting, mixins and inheritance with SASS.

Nesting is very common practice in programming languages and supported in all the major languages in one or other way. Even if we see the normal HTML page then we find that the whole page is structured in a nested manner. Similarly we find it in XAML or even normal aspx page as well. But it is not supported in CSS.

Sass supports nesting. Let’s see via an example

NestedIf we see above code then we see the whole…

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