Accessing SalesForce using the Partner API and C#

Disorderly Data

SalesForce exposes a number of WebService APIs which can be used to access objects in an organization (see here for details). In this post I’m going to show how from a C# application you can use the Partner API.

The Partner API is designed for those who want to develop applications which are agnostic to the objects in a given SalesForce account. This means that it will work for multiple organizations, which is in contrast to the Enterprise API which only works for a single organization and gives a strongly typed interface into that single organization.

I used the Partner to build an application which dynamically generates SQL Server Integration Services packages based on SalesForce meta data. You can read more about it here.

This post is for other people who are interested in accessing SalesForce via C# to retrieve metadata about objects and perform queries.

Getting Setup

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