jQuery Mobile in Force.com


jQuery Mobile is one of the many Mobile Development Frameworks supported by Salesforce.com (Force.com Platform).

jQuery Mobile or any other HTML 5 / Javascript based mobile development frameworks are not as good as the native development platforms, like iOS, Android, etc, when it comes to faster / graphic intensive UI presentation.

However, you can still do magic with these frameworks, especially if you want to build it once and use it across platforms.

I have tried to explain the basic steps to take to start with jQuery Mobile development in Visual Force and Apex, below.

You can either download all the necessary resources from jQuery Mobile site, create Static Resources in Force.com platform.

Or, simply install the right mobile pack from Developer Force (I would personally suggest this method).
Choose jQuery Mobile and deploy it on Force.com with Visual Force option in the above link.

Important Note: Just in case…

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