Real-Time Stock Quotes in Microsoft Excel. #dev #mydata #analytics



Do you know how to retrieve real-time stock market data into Microsoft Excel?  Yeah, me neither until now.  For years I’ve been doing cut and paste which is slow, error prone and a pain if you want to manage many stocks.

Since I’ve kind of gone “Back to Dev” in my career, I spent some time over Christmas to re-teach me some basic development skills so I started with something that is personal to me.

I have Microsoft Excel 2013 installed so I started with Power Query.  Power Query allows you to search for dataset out on the web.  I was searching for the S&P 500 and it came back with 400.  Well, that works for me.


I plopped the data into a spreadsheet and removed the key row.  Who needs a key right?  We have the stock ticker!   That is the key.

Now we are off to writing…

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