Install and Configure the NetApp FAS/V-Series VASA Provider v1.0.1 for vSphere


The FAS/V-Series VASA Provider is a software component that supports the VMware VASA (vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness) framework, first introduced in vSphere 5. It acts as an information pipeline between NetApp storage systems and the vCenter Server, enabling you to monitor relevant storage system status.
FAS/V-Series VASA Provider collects data from your storage systems and delivers information about storage topology, LUN and volume attributes, and events and alarms to the vCenter Server.

1) Download the VASA Provider at the following URL:

2) After it is downloaded, move the VASA provider to your server. Double-click netappvp-1-0-1-win64.exe > click Next > Next > Install. Make sure Launch VASA Configuration is selected and click Finish.

a) On the VASA Configuration window, in the upper left, enter your vCenter user and password and click Save.

b) On the right under Storage Systems, click Add. Add your storage systems that provide NFS or…

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