Siebel Open Variable Analyzer


Siebel OVA Utility:

Siebel OVA utility performs following function

  1. Analyzes eScript variables that has been opened but not closed (“null” are not assigned to variable) in the script
  2. Searches for objects that has been opened using the following functions such as GetAssocBusComp, GetPicklistBusComp, this.BusObject, ActiveBusObject, GetBusObject, GetService, NewPropertySet but not nullified
  3. Skipped eScript comments in code
  4. Takes under consideration multiple variables assignments like : var1 = var2 = var3 = <Something>


How to get it working?
I was not able to make it work out of the box due to problem with paths specified in Perl Script and the batch file. The Path in these files follow Unix Path convention and I had to change it to windows path. Here are the steps to make this utility work

  1. Download the RAR file and extract it in C Drive (you can extract it anywhere but extracting in root folder makes path simpler in scripts)
  2. Edit…

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