siebel client user id and password is incorrect


Hi ,
The erorr might be because you local db is encrypted .
While Extracting Local the following parameters need to be set as
Encrypt client Db password = False
Client Database encryption method = none
Otherwise the database will be encrypted .
However if u do not want a reextract the procedure to Decrypt it for client is as follows :
1. Copy the file ${Tools}\local\dicdata.dat to ${Client}\local\dicdata.dat

2. Copy the following parameters from the [Local] section of the Tools CFG to the Siebel Mobile Web Clients CFG file


7. In the Mobile Web Client CFG file [Local] section, edit the ConnectString parameter to point to where the local database is located.

8. Copy the file ${Tools}\bin\mwc_storage.cfg to ${Client}\bin\mwc_storage.cfg

9. Change the ODBC DataSource for the Client by performing the following steps:-

a. Navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Source (ODBC)


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