Connecting Windows Apps to SalesForce Chatter

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Are you using SalesForce for CRM? Did you know SalesForce also offers an industry-leading enterprise social network called Chatter? Are your users starting to bring Windows devices in the BYOD fold? Would you not like to custom apps on web/desktop/mobile that allows your users to interact with SalesForce applications more easily? If you answered yes to any, read on ..

Now, you probably already heard that SalesForce recently announced SalesForce Toolkits for .NET developers. This comes courtesy of my good friend, the brilliant Wade Wegner. Details about the SalesForce Toolkit announcement can be found HERE, which has links to the Force.Com & Chatter Toolkits for .NET.

When Wade asked me to take a look, my little world of Windows 8 apps was the obvious choice to try things out. So, let’s try connecting to SalesForce Chatter from a Windows Store app, to give the new APIs a spin…

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