Quick Tips on Restoring a MySQL Full InnobackupEx Backup

Denny Lee

As I recently started using MySQL (with many years of SQL Server under my belt), here are some quick tips on restoring an InnobackupEx backup.  There was a context switch for me  but I’m enjoying the experience.

IntroductionPercona XtraBackup

There are many ways to backup / restore database (s) for MySQL but the mechanism I’m referring to here is Percona’s InnobackupEx 2.1 for MySQL.  The instructions for this backup can be found at Preparing a Full Backup with innobackupex and  Making a Full Backup.  What’s great about this type of backup is that it backups all of the databases on the server so you can restore an entire server if it was ever to be problematic or you wanted to build a reporting replica.


As with any typical Linux environment, it is all in the flavour and configuration you are working with.  Some particulars about the environment I’m working…

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