Using Core Data in a Static Library !

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In this post, we will learn how to use Core Data in a static library. After I learnt about the concepts of core data, I decided to create a library to manage my credentials using core data. It may not be straightforward but its not rocket science either 😀

Before we begin with this post, here are the perquisites

  • Should have Xcode 5 running on your Mac
  • Fair knowledge on Xcode/iOS development
  • Should have basic knowledge on core data. Refer this link to get hands on core data !

Here is what we are going to achieve. We will create a static library and understand how we can use core data to store user credentials. Later, we will plug this library in our CredentialManager application created in this post.

Lets get started by creating a static library as shown below


Lets name the Library as “BNRCredentialDepot”.

Since core data…

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