Concatenate Unique Cells, with Text Formatting

Struggling To Excel

A fellow struggler requested me to help him with a slightly beefed up Range Concatenate function. He needed to concatenate a bunch of numbers in a range; there were multiple entries of the same number, and he wanted a unique list; finally he needed to be able to format the numbers.

I was thinking about using a Dictionary Object, to get a unique list before concatenating. However, the fellow struggler provided me with a function that he already found on the web, and asked me to tweak it for the formatting part. The author used the InStr() function to check if the value has already been added to the result before concatenating. I hated myself for not having thought of that, I ditched my unique list idea, and went with the InStr() method.

This is what I came up with:

Hope it helps other strugglers out there!

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