Disable OAM Authentication for Apex temporarily

Oracle Identity and Access Management

Assume you have APEX integrated with Oracle Access Manager(OAM) 11gR2 for Authentication, and uses Apex listener(2.0.x) running on weblogic as web listener. In order to disable OAM Authentication temporarily, below are the steps that you can follow.

Firstly, change authentication scheme in APEX.
a. Log into the APEX Builder
b. Choose the application builder.
c. Choose the application
d. click shared components.
e. click Authentication Schemes under security section.

If you already have a Application Express Accounts scheme, choose that, then click Make current scheme button; otherwise create one
a. Create-> Next button
b. Choose Based on a pre-configured scheme from the gallery -> Next button
c. Name – Any name you want
Scheme Type- Application Express Accounts
->create button

secondly, disable the protection from OAM
1. Access your Oracle Access Manager Console: http://oam_admin_server:port/oamconsole.
–>policy configuration tab
–>Applicaiton Domains
–>search the domain you created for apex on right panel

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