How to check Script performance locally in Siebel Tools?


Go to Siebel Tools –>View –> Options –> Debug

Enable Profiler Enable Profiler

Set “Enable Profiler” as TRUE. After setting it “Set Line Profile Rules” button get enabled.

If you want to set additional rules then click on “Set Line Profile Rules” button.

Set Line Profile Rules Set Line Profile Rules

Here for example I want to check Script performance on Order Entry – Orders BC .  So I am creating Profile rule as per shown in below screenshot.

Set Line Profile Rules_Example Set Line Profile Rules_Example

Close window.

Start session in Debug Mode.

Go to Tools –> View –> Profiler –> Call Tree

Call Tree Call Tree

You will get the below Script performance in Tools itself under “Script Performance Profiler”  view  as per shown in below screenshot.

Script Performance Profiler Script Performance Profiler


“Enable Profiler” always works in Debug mode only.

“Call Tree” view enable only after setting “Enable Profiler” as TRUE and in Debug mode only

It will slow…

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