Salesforce Outbound Message with PHP SOAP Listener

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A typical enterprise uses many applications or most of which are not designed to work with one another out of the box. So, we need to integrate one system with other systems or one application with other application. To integrate one system with other system, you need to make sure they may communicate with each other. We see briefly how salesforce communicates with external systems.

Salesforce provides lot of web services to communicate with external systems through SOAP API, REST API, Streaming API & Outbound Messages. Web-to-lead is an example for Salesforce to capture message from others application or system.

Salesforce provides Outbound Messaging service to send notifications to external system whenever changes to fields within Salesforce by triggering workflow or approval process.

Create Outbound Message in Salesforce

To define outbound message in salesforce you need to follow below things,

After login into Salesforce you can find Setup then click…

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