Using Dataloader for simple data integrations

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Setting up data integrations in Salesforce shouldn’t be hard to do…

sfdataloaderHere’s a winning trio that solves the challenge:, the Apex Data Loader and CLIq!

Salesforce administrators often need to import information from other sources or systems. If it is a simple import, you could get away with the Import wizard in Salesforce or you could use the Apex DataLoader wizard interface. But if you want to implement a repeating migration (aka an integration) you will need a more sophisticated method. There are tools in the AppExchange that cost money, but you can also use what is called the Command Line Interface of the free Apex DataLoader.

In stark contrast to the ease of using the Data Loader wizard, the command line interface is much more difficult to setup. Unless you are a fairly technical person you will likely need someone in your IT department to help you with it. Of…

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