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Audit9 - Cloud Architects

Over the recent years I’ve spent focused on the Salesforce architecture domain I’ve designed and implemented federated single sign-on (SSO) schemes many times (and the proprietary Delegated Authentication on rare occasions). Whilst each implementation has its nuances in terms of specific access use cases (mobile, composite app, public internet versus corporate network only etc.) and infrastructure deployment topology, there is typically a high degree of commonality. For instance, most corporate environments utilise Active Directory as the primary enterprise identity store, this is inarguable. Equally common in such environments, at least in my experience, is the absence of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), or any federated identity service (Ping Identity, Okta etc.). As such the introduction of SSO for Salesforce typically means introducing the infrastructure to support federated SSO as a generic service. Notable exceptions to this are corporates that have transitioned to the Office365 cloud productivity suite, where federated SSO…

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