Everyone monitors their output don’t they?

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Maybe not. Anyway, an update.

Update-24Mar Charting progress on Story Plan

Update-24Mar (for the analytical, yes it’s a spreadsheet)

Story Pedigree
When did each idea compel me to write it down? See below. I write starts on impulse. A couple however, started in my head months before the quoted date – these being Brant and Derelict. Most are planned as novels.

Oct-10 Winter in Alexandria
Apr-12 Brant
Nov-12 Derelict
Jan-13 The Central Sea
Feb-13 Faery + Village
Apr-13 A Sending
Jun-13 Asimov 3
Sep-13 Alibi
Oct-13 Without Question
Nov-13 Harjazes

The dates above represent the respective ‘landing stages’ of the first draft of the first substantive section, for each respective narrative. Everyone writes different; in my case I write enough to remind me of the story intent, so that when I return to it I can pick up the traces. The thing is it’s easy to write the stuff once you’re motoring; the problem is getting…

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