How to Install Mtop (MySQL Database Server Monitoring)


mtop (MySQL top) is an open source real time MYSQL Server monitoring program written in Perl language that shows queries which are taking longer time to process and kills those longer queries after certain number of specified time. Mtop program enable us to monitor and identify performance and related issues of MySQL Server from the command line interface similar to Linux Top Command.

Mtop MySQL Monitoring

Mtop includes zooming feature that display query optimizer information of a running queries and killing queries, it also shows statistics of server, configuration information and some useful tuning tips to optimize and improve MySQL performance.

Please check some of the following features offered by Mtop program.

  1. Display real time MySQL server queries.
  2. Provides MySQL configuration information.
  3. Zooming feature to display process query.
  4. Provides query Optimizer information for a query and ‘killing’ queries.
  5. Provides MySQL tuning tips.
  6. Ability to save output in a .mtoprc

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