What to Look for in Load Test Reporting: Six Tips for Getting the Data you Need

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Looking at graphs and test reports can be a befuddling and daunting task – Where should I begin? What should I be looking out for? How is this data useful or meaningful? Hence, here are some tips to steer you in the right direction when it comes to load testing result management.

For example, the graph (above) shows how the load times (blue) increase [1] as the service reaches its maximum bandwidth (red) limit [2], and subsequently how the load time increases even more as bandwidth drops [3]. The latter phenomenon occurs due to 100% CPU usage on the app servers.

When analyzing a load test report, here are the types of data to look for:

  • What’s the user scenario design like? How much time should be allocated within the user scenario? Are they geographically spread?

  • Test configuration settings: is it ramp-up only or are there different steps in the…

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