Accessing The ESXi Host

Technically Simplified

To be clear, I have included the below image as a map, or topology, of the environment that is being described in this process.  Let’s examine the two items in the image.  The Win7 VDI Management machine is simply a PC that is running a Windows 7 operating system and the second machine is the Host machine that is running VMWare® ESXi™ as its operating system.  The Host is where all of the Virtual Machines (VM’s) will be stored.  The link between the Win7 VDI Management machine and the ESXi Host can be any type of media (i.e., Ethernet, Fiber, etc.) connection to establish a communication link between the two machines.

Topology Diagram Topology Diagram

Communication between the Win7 VDI Management PC, (I will refer to as the Management PC), and the host is managed through a Hypervisor.  A hypervisor or virtual machine monitor (VMM) is a piece of computer software…

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