Consume Twitter REST API v1.1 with ADF Mobile

Oracle Mobile Tips & Tricks

The new version of Twitter REST API has been out for a while now, and one of the biggest changes that needs to be implemented now in order to consume it, is that for GET methods such as search / tweets, all the requests need to be sent with OAuth signature as part of the Authorisation header, so I’ll show a little work around on how to perform these requests by creating an ADF Mobile application that calls the GET search/tweets method with a OAuth 1.0a HMAC-SHA1 signature as part of the Authorisation header…

Before starting make sure that you:

  • Have your own Twitter account (pretty obvious I know).
  • Have created your Twitter app from
  • Already generated the API Keys for your Twitter app.

Hands On!

  1. Generate a new ADF Mobile Application.
  2. Create a new URL Connection in the Application Resources section, the correct URL endpoint should be  We…

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