FileMaker 13 – Ways in which it will impact your business

Database Development Tips and Tricks

In terms of being user-friendly, FileMaker was always preferred but the latest version 13 cosies up to both developers as well as consumers. There are several new features which aim at cross platform deployment along with aesthetic database design. The features will aid you and have a great impact on your business. In fact, the very basic database creation tool is extremely helpful since most of the hard work is done by it on your behalf.

FileMaker 13 - Ways in which it will impact your businessStarter Solutions- This new feature is a package that consists of 16 various kinds of generic database which you can use. The tools include project management, task, product catalogue as well as invoicing. Effectively, there is a bundled up set of apps to be built with targeted educational, business as well as domestic uses. Since the databases are editable you will be able to remove or add fields; this means that every time a…

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