Install & Configure vCSA and vCenter 5.5

Euro * Brew

The steps below are to install and configure the vCenter Server Appliance, configure SSO to lookup users in a specific OU in Active Directory, add an Administrator, add your first host, and configure email server settings.


  1. Download the latest version of the vCenter Server Appliance ( for this writing) and place it some where that is accessible by the client hosting the vSphere client
  2. Have the vSphere Thick client installed
  3. Have a datastore created for the appliance (VM_Appliances for this writing)
  4. Identify the Fully Qualified Domain name and IP address of the server ahead of time


  1. Login to the vSphere client, choose File then Deploy OVF Template
  1. Click “Browse”, locate the OVF/OVA, and click “Open”, then click “Next”
  1. Click “Next” after reviewing the template details
  1. Name the vCSA, choose the inventory location, and click “Next”
  1. Choose the datastore and click “Next”
  1. Verify the datastore name and size and…

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