Load SQL Server Data into Excel

SQL Notes From The Underground

One of the regular tasks i need to do for our BA team is pull out some data from a database and let them see it in a readable format. The easiest way to do that is just call the query in SSMS. Right click on the results Grid, Copy with Header and Paste it into Excel.  Sadly since SQL Server 2008 (maybe r2) in SSMS 2012 / 2014 If you try this, when you paste into Excel the results are a mess and unreadable..

This post is alternate option should you need to get either a SQL Database Table or a Custom Query into Excel.

Open Excel -?> Data Ribbon -> Get External Data -> From Other Sources -> SQL Server


This opens the Data Connection Wizard, Connect to SQL instance


Select the database you want to query.  Note we cant start with a SQL Query so i just…

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