NAV2013R2 | Extend Excel Buffer

Mark Brummel Blog | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013, a discussion started around the flexibility of the Excel buffer.

Until 2013, the Excel buffer table used automation libraries directly which allowed C/AL developers to add features without a lot of hassle.

Now with 2013 Microsoft implemented the use of DotNet Interop, but since NAV cannot directly use the office libraries, a wrapper was shipped.

This wrapper limmits the possibilities of C/AL developers to add features.

I am very happy to announce that Microsoft has listened and will implement the most used featutures to the Excel buffer in a future version and they have released a codeplex project to downgrade them to 2013 (r2).

The codeplex project can be found here:

My plan is to wrap all the changes into a new Excel buffer table and put the dll on Mibuso, but at the moment I am terribly occupied, both at work…

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