Resolution of- The SPListItem being updated was not retrieved with all taxonomy fields.

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Hi guys,

Let me first explain how I got this issue. While working on some client requirement, I was creating content type and page layout using visual studio. One metadata field has been created as a “site column” using element.xml file.

To know, how to create custom metadata field, Please refer my previous blog.

All was working perfect, which means I was able to map the custom metadata field with Metadata tag. But when I created a list using visual studio 2013/2012 designer to add field to list. It was giving this error after provisioning the list successfully.


Strange error, I was expecting Visual studio more intelligent then earlier. But i felt never trust any tool with your eyes closed ;).

Root Cause:

Let me explain what was happened. Newly created metadata column “Country” was refereed properly but associated note field was not added to list. Because of…

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