Excel Mastery is What Exactly?


Excel macro enabled I used to think that the more Excel formulas you knew and the more adept you were at macros, the more you could claim Excel mastery.

I have changed my mind.  Those who create complex spreadsheets that are beyond the skill and understanding of their users are pushing the program beyond it’s useful limits.

Spreadsheets are ideally set up so that

  • calculations are transparent and easy to follow
  • there are no hard-coded variables within formulas
  • variables are defined in a separate section or page
  • lookups are used rather than deeply nested “if” statements

I have written macros, I’ve used arrays, I have used multi-nested IF statements.  The best I can say is that I know these things exist and I can always google them for a refresher course if necessary.  A spreadsheet that is constructed to minimize the possibility of errors is far more valuable than one that dazzles us…

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