MavensMate Templates and Apex Enterprise Patterns

Andy in the Cloud

mavensmateI’ve been using MavensMate as alternative IDE for coding on for the past 6 months and loving it more and more to be honest, it receives a strong stream of updates, feels modern, responsive (as much as the underlying platform API’s permit) and is light weight. I’m also getting to grips with the power of the Sublime Text editor (which hosts MavensMate) and it’s excellent find and replace tools for example.  Recently i’ve been working on a feature with the help of the author of this fantastic tool Joe Ferraro.

One of the cool social features of MavensMate is it’s template engine, when ever you create a Apex class, Apex trigger, Visualforce Page or Visualforce Component, you can elect to start editing from scratch or pick one of a growing number of templates, ranging from Batch Apex, Controllers, Schedulers to Unit test templates…

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