MySQL Upgrade in Windows

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Dawn and I faced a MySQL Upgrade for our Moodle LMS site and delayed as long as we could.   Unlike traditional upgrades of Microsoft SQL, we couldn’t simply click a setup file and the upgrade would replace files and services  as needed.

Here’s the easiest process we found to upgrade MySQL

  1. Stop the existing MySQL service in Services
  2. Make sure you have a backup  of you MySQL database
  3. Open a command prompt (as administrator)
  4. change to the MySQL directory and type mysqld –remove  (to remove the service under services) you can also remove it by using the SC Delete MySQL command.
    1. In the Service manager you should see that the service is removed.
  5. Uninstall MySQL under the Programs and Features menu
  6. Delete all folders under programdata and program files that are related to MySQL
  7. Reboot
  8. Make sure the latest .NET Framework is installed
  9. Download and run the MySQL Community package  

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