Maintaining data in memory in RESTful APIs

Coding Adventures

As mentioned in my first post, I was trying to decide what technologies to use for a RESTful API. Ruby on Rails is my first option, but I’ve read that it isn’t the fastest technology. So, I coded a small proof of concept to see how RoR would perform in handling some typical requests for a RESTful API.

I began by creating a simple model, lets call it ClazzA, with only 2 attributes, attr1 and attr2.

I used the application default controller application_controller.rb, to add a get_all and create actions mapped to /classA route’s GET and POST methods respectively.

The get_all action returns a JSON array with all the saved models. The create action expects attr1 and attr2 as parameters to create a new model instance and save it to the database.

So far, so good. We can now create and list all instances of ClazzA.

Now, suppose that…

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