Best Practices for Configuring SharePoint Online Tenant Part II – Streamline SharePoint Administrative Access

Microsoft Cloud with Nik Patel

I have recently presented “SharePoint Online ramp-up for SharePoint On-Premises professionals” session at the SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs and promised attendees an articles of detailed walk through of what are my best practices for initial Office 365 tenant signup process and administrative security configuration for Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Setting up SharePoint Online tenant with the best practices starts as soon as you sign up for Office 365 tenant (Part I of this article). Next step before configuring site taxonomy and provisioning user site collections are to configure least-privileged administrative accounts for SharePoint Online Administration.

In this article, we will walk through my personal best practices to configure SharePoint Online administrative access.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online Authorization Model – Security Roles, Security Groups, and Site Membership

Before we configure SharePoint Online Administrators, it is important to understand the Office 365 and SharePoint Online administrative roles.

X_O365 and SPO Auth Model

  • Security Roles…

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