Format Tables in Excel using VBA – #Excel #VBA

Struggling To Excel

Excel Tables make analyzing data, a breeze. It surprises me that it is not used as often as it should. It automatically “includes” new data you add to your spreadsheets, it automatically drags down formulas for you, it automatically formats the tables for you. In addition to that, you can use structured references that make your formulas tractable without having to name each range. You can also link an Excel Table to your PowerPivot Model. For a comprehensive, yet concise list of stuff excel tables can do, I recommend reading through this page.

While excel tables are indispensable when it comes to analyzing data, they are not built for displaying data. They can’t handle merged cells. Also, they require the headers to be on the first row. Nonetheless, the core features of an excel table are very useful while developing dynamic spreadsheet applications. Consequently, I developed macros that mimic excel tables: naming ranges automatically, dragging down formulas and…

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