How to create a floating column chart in Excel

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While I love Excel, I am the first to admit the standard charts are not always the most effective way to represent your data.  Floating column charts for example are not a standard chart in Excel 2010 and IMHO should be. In this type of chart, a single column seemingly floats between a minimum and maximum value instead of being anchored to the axis. This is really useful when you want to display a range of values (High to Low or Minimum to Maximum) for a series of data.

Let’s imagine, for example, in January the temperature was between 6 and 39 degrees fahrenheit.  Rather than having two series of lines showing the low values and the high values by month, you can use a floating column chart to show the same thing much more visually as seen below.  How is it done? You can download the example spreadsheet here.

floating column

Step 1 Create…

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