Creating a Swift Playground in XCode and adding it to a Git Repo on BitBucket


In a previous post Creating a Swift Project in Xcode 6 and adding it to a git repo on BitBucket, I created a sample OXS command line project. I now want to create a collection of sample playgrounds to test out all of the language features of swift. Setting this up is essentially following the same set of steps but instead of section “Create a sample swift project (OSX command line tool)” do this instead:

Create a playground

  • Open XCode
  • File > New > File…
  • Choose template iOS > Source > Playground
  • Click Next
  • Save As: Sample.playground
  • Choose a suitable location e.g. ~/dev/repos/swift/samples
  • Click Create
  • A playground file will now open
  • Close the playground and follow the next section

Create a Git repo for the playground folder

Open a terminal window at e.g. ~/dev/repos/swift/samples

Now follow the instructions in the previous post from section “Create a Git Repo on BitBucket”

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