Custom Cell Format You Must Know in Excel


Custom cell formats are a very important steppingstone to eternal happiness in Excel. And among all Custom Formats, one takes precedence for both, its usability and versatility. We will get to understand it through two examples.

Four for the Price of One

The following Custom format allows you to set four different formats at once. And the best part is, unknowingly, you’ve been using it since you’ve started using Excel. But now, you will understand it and be able to take it to the next level. Let’s start with a simple example. It’s a range of cells filled by positive and negative values, zeroes and text. It’s great if the positive and negative go above 1000 or bellow -1000, since this will better show the effects of our format. To create this I used =RANDBETWEEN(-10000,10000)*RAND() and if you preselected the range, give it a little Ctrl+Enter 🙂

This is a…

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