Agile Semiotics – Step one


The steps to heaven.

An AS primative.

Build an Overall Model and Test Plan

This is a project-wide activity it includes domain experts, members of the requirements engineering, business analysis, development and test, teams and is chaired by the Application Architect, The System Designer or Data Scientist (the chair is the person who has the overview of the project regardless of title it is the big picture person).
The stages are:

  • A very high-level walk through of the scope and context of the system.
  • A high level acceptance test plan describing what the system will deliver.
  • Creation of a domain model.
  • A list of the areas of the domain that will need a more detailed walk through.
  • Peer review of models and unit tests.
  • Merging of unit tests and models back into the overall domain model
  • Iterative updates where all of the above steps are refined.

The System

The System…

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