Installing a CMS


This assignment instructed us to choose a CMS of our choice and install it from scratch on our own server.  I bounced between WordPress and Drupal but ultimately decided to go with WordPress as it is the CMS that the majority of the classwork is based upon.

My CMS Choice

I currently use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as my hosting service, so there is no “1-click” installation option like many of the other hosting services provide for WordPress. Amazon has some pretty extensive help documentation however, and I was able to find  a listing that spelled out the steps involved.  It can be found here.

Steps Involved

Below is a summary listing of the steps it took to get WordPress installed and running on AWS.  Everything was done via command line interface using the PuTTy client.

  • Downloaded and unzipped WordPress from
  • Logged into MySQL
    • Created a WordPress database

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