Connect your business processes to Salesforce Chatter with Nintex Workflow

Danny Ong

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 recently released the Salesforce Connector on Nintex Store which allows you to integrate your workflows with Salesforce easily.

Salesforce Connector Salesforce Connector

The pack contains these actions:

  • Salesforce Chatter
    • Post Feed
    • Post File
    • Post Poll
    • Post Link
    • Send Invitation
    • Search Feeds
  • Salesforce
    • Create Record
    • Update Record
    • Delete Record
    • Retrieve Record
    • Query Record

Salesforce Action List Salesforce Action List

In this post, we will discuss on how to configure each of the Salesforce Chatter actions.

Getting started:
You will need a registered account in Salesforce to fill in these details in each action:

Tip: It is recommend to configure it with an account that doesn’t have password expiry so that you don’t have to revisit this section when the password has changed.

Salesforce credentials Salesforce credentials

Salesforce Chatter Post Message
You can use this action to post a message to your followers, group or specific user. The message supports…

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