Hadoop gets more versatile, but data is still king


Hadoop, the open source big-data framework, has gradually evolved from being a shiny object in the laboratory to an increasingly serious tool finding its place in the Enterprise. At Gigaom, we’ve covered Hadoop’s increasing maturity, and completeness as an enterprise technology, because that’s been the story. But now the story is changing.

The change emanates from the release of Hadoop 2.0 and the rapid standardization on that release’s new resource management engine, YARN. YARN moves Hadoop out of the world of batch processing, to the interactive world. We’ve covered that too. But while the change in the story builds on that facet of YARN, it pivots rather dramatically.

It’s a YARN world, we’re just computing in it

Hadoop used to be a self-contained product. Now it’s a platform – a stage that showcases a number of other products. Whether Spark or Storm or Cascading or Drill or whatever the next…

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