Month: October 2014

Do You Know Your Customers?


do you know your customers?

I recently wrote a story for a local newspaper about three area businesses that are celebrating milestone anniversaries — 50, 75 and 95 years in operation.  They are three very different business enterprises, offering three very different types of products and services.  Yet, as different as they may be their secret to success is very much the same – know your customers and give them what they want and need.

If a Ten Commandments of Marketing existed, “Know thy Customer” would certainly top the list.  To most business owners this probably seems pretty basic.  After all, we all know our customers, right?  Not so fast.

How well do we actually know the people who buy and use our products and services?  Are we sure we’re giving them exactly what they need to succeed?  Have we asked them lately?  As business owners and service providers we need to know…

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want to be famous in twitter

The Digital MBA

Its a world of social media marketing,and you are unable to grow in twitter ,just because of low number of followers.

Not to worry,here are some facts and figures which will mesmerize you in growing your network.

amit sekhar twitter help

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How to create search engine in PHP


In this post i will show you how to create google like search engine using php. this is not a normal search box that seen in many web sites. the difference is in normal search boxes we cannot search for multiple search terms. but in this search engine we can add many search times and match the search results with those search terms much like google search engine.


database structure


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How to populate chart with Mysql Database in fusion charts


we can add charts to our web page using fusioncharts. fusioncharts provide javascript charts and flash charts. if browser doesnot support javascript
flash chart is shown to the user. we have to give chart data as xml format to the renderchart method.we have to include fushioncharts.php file and
fusioncharts.js file from the download to view chart. and also we have to give location to the flash chart file which include in the download.
database structure


file structure

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Conditional activation for plugins

Enrique's Thoughts

In this post, I present a simple way to check for things on the server before allowing a plugin to be activated.

The users are pesky. They try to do things that the programmer cannot foresee. They happily install plugins without reading the readme files or the instructions. Then they complain, they downvote, they critizice. If only there was a way to check for these things: is the user running the plugin under the correct WordPress version, or if the necessary dependendencies are installed, or if PHP was compiled with such-and-such extensions. Then we’d let the user know about all this at the plugin activation time. What if this ability was coded as an easy-to-add drop-in class, instead of bloating existing plugin code? I couldn’t find it, so I made it, and now I’m sharing it with you.

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