The New Pivot Column option in Power Query


If some pictures are hard to view, you can get the PDF of the article The Pivot option in Power Query.

With the latest update of Power Query AddInn for Excel quite a few new features were introduced, but none as sweet as the new Pivot option. To get it you must update your Power Query to at least

The Pivot option in Power Query

Just to clarify, the ability is not new, but it just became much more simpler use. Up until now, you could do this, but you had to use the Table.Pivot function which you can see in action in this post on Criss Webb’s BI blog. But now, the new Pivot option brings this closer to the masses 🙂 or to put it differently, makes it easier to use.

Let’s look at an example. This is our data, formatted as an Excel Table of course.

The Pivot option in Power Query

Now we go to Power…

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