Enterprise Software – How to Know, What you Need?

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Choosing right enterprise software can be quite challenging task. There can be numerous requirements, constraints of time, budget, quality and stakeholders expectations. Among this, choosing software that tick most boxes can be daunting task. Sometimes, it is finding best needle among stack of needles. Due to high cost of ownership, you cannot afford to get it wrong.

So, what should be our approach?

I suggest undertaking following steps:

1. Undertake Enterprise Analysis – By Enterprise Analysis, I mean analysis of complete business. Typically, it includes (but not limited to) understanding business model, regulators, value-chains, suppliers, clients, stakeholders, geographic locations and so on. IIBA BABOK provides good guidance on Enterprise analysis. Refer to Singh’s Business Reference Modal to visualise ‘Enterprise’. If there is existing Business Architecture documentation, it can be good start for analysis.

The intent of this step is to have good understanding about overall enterprise. Secondly, to develop understanding about how new enterprise software will fit in enterprise landscape.


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