InfoPath Form in SharePoint 2013: Part 1 (Forms)

SharePoint World by Manpreet


Hello everyone, in this article we will see InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013.

So without taking much of your time, let’s go for it.

As we are all aware of, InfoPath is an important part in our Development in SharePoint. We need not develop a custom farm to some extent since InfoPath fulfills much of the customization a developer requires. InfoPath is a quick approach towards many of the queries that cannot be done by OOB Forms.

Thereby making it as one of the good tools for SharePoint.

SharePoint 2013 InfoPath forms are not as promising as we thought of. It is still not compatible with Google Chrome and other browsers and you can only try to edit it through Internet Explorer.

Let’s see what it got for us.

Go to your list and on the top ribbon you will find the icon as shown below “Customize in InfoPath”.

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